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Road Trip Louisiana

By Mer Norwood

Want to live like a local in Louisiana? Let’s go for a joyride. This route starts you in the small town of Monroe, Louisiana and finishes with the excitement of the big city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Travel from Northern Louisiana to Southern Louisiana – experience mouthwatering cuisine and uncover hidden gems along way, because it’s time for Louisiana to not only feed your belly, but to feed your soul.

Monroe, Louisiana

Start your trip in Northern Louisiana, in the charming town of Monroe, Louisiana. After visiting the picturesque Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge, go chow down at close-by Clawdaddy’s Crawfish and Oyster Bar  – a favorite by locals. “We have served over 1,000,000 oysters in less than two years, making us the number one oyster purchaser north of the I-10,” Clawdaddy’s proudly boasts. With specials on during the week, including $1 oyster nights, or karaoke night with two for one margaritas, it’s always a good time at Clawdaddy’s.

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Ruston, Louisiana

Next, make a pit stop at Ruston, Louisiana on your way to Minden, Louisiana. Make a quick stop at family-owned Mitcham Farms, which has been owned by the Mitcham family since 1946, for a taste of their succulent peaches. The Mitcham Family Peach Store has a multitude of peach preserves, syrups, salad dressings and most importantly, their famous peach ice cream.

Minden, Louisiana

After arriving at Minden, Louisiana, head to the Germantown Colony Museum. The settlement, established in 1835, is filled with the deep history of escaping religious persecution, and is “one of three sites founded by the Utopian Movement in the early days of the 19th Century”, as reported by the Webster Parish tourism board. Later, find the Northwest Louisiana Film Trail to follow the footsteps of the movie stars that have visited Minden, Louisiana and the surrounding area.

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Natchitoches, Louisiana

As you make your way down towards Southern Louisiana, be sure to make a pit stop at Lasyone’s – reputed to be the best meat pies in the country and listed as “One of the 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late”. Prepared with family recipes since 1967, the meat pies are made with the big ingredient of love, and each bite will brighten your day.

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Lafayette, Louisiana

Arriving at Lafayette is a culinary dream, but if you need a little bit of zen after riding in the car all day, head to Avery IslandJungle Gardens, to find it. In the Buddha Garden, you will find a 900-year-old buddha that was gifted to the original founder, E.A. McIlhenny in 1936. Or, get lost in the magnificent bamboo groves, one of the oldest in the country.

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Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Photo Credit: Visit Jefferson Parish.

For a quintessential Louisiana experience, head to Restaurant Des Familles for alligators, Cajun and Creole cuisine, and Southern hospitality in the Westbank (Jefferson Parish, Louisiana). The restaurant sits on the edge of the bayou, and alligator spottings are quite common while dining on fresh seafood.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Finally, end your road trip on a high note at the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Head to the iconic, historic French Market, whose inception in 1791 means it’s 200-year-history of commerce, culture, and culture has endured the test of time. Visit the many food stalls, and pick up a souvenir or two, from alligator heads to voo-doo dolls, to finish your Louisiana road trip.

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From Southern hospitality to Cajun cuisine, to a spirit of year-long festivities, Louisiana is a place rich with history, arts & culture, and adventure. Start your Louisiana adventure today when you book your stay with Best Western® Hotels & Resorts Louisiana.

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