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A Taste of Lafayette, Louisiana

By Mer Norwood

Lafayette proudly owns the title of “Best Food City in the USA”, and Cajun cuisine is one of their specialties, but not the only one. With a robust number of ‘foodie trails’ to choose from, like the Plate Lunch Paradise Trail and the Poboys Trail, plus elevated cuisine by creative chefs. Lafayette is a must-visit for those with an appetite for both the traditional and the experimental. In partnership with the Lafayette Travel, here’s a taste of Lafayette, Louisiana.

First, head to Avery Island, home of TABSCO® sauce. “TABASCO®” translates to mean “good flavor and good times”, and since 1868 has been bringing spicy memories to over 180 countries. Owned by the McIlhenny family for over five generations, you can do a self-guided walking tour to learn more about the history and process of making TABASCO® sauce. Go to the greenhouse to see where actual tabasco peppers are grown, and then watch the factory lines where hundreds of TABSCO® sauce is bottled and labeled. Finish up in the gift store where you can taste actual TABSCO® flavored ice cream, choose between raspberry chipotle or jalapeno, and pick up a few of their unique sauces to bring home, like the Garlic Cayenne or Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce.

For that Southern hospitality and quintessential Louisiana flavors, head to Bon Temps Grill. Have you ever tried Alligator? Crawfish? Étouffée? Boudin? At Bon Temps Grill, you’re in good hands for embarking into Cajun food territory, so dive right in. Try the Sausage and Boudin and Alligator Bang Bang (alligator bites) to start your Cajun culinary journey. Eat a massive spoonful of Crawfish Pot Pie, filled with crawfish étouffée, in a pie that’s larger than your face. And to finish, bite into a delicious Fried Shrimp Po-Boy before washing it all down with a signature Bon Temps Bleu Mojito.

Photo Credit: Lafayette Travel.

Finally, surprise your taste buds with a taste of worldly cuisine – head to Downtown Lafayette to the cozy Pamplona. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s retreat in Pamplona, Spain, a city famous for bull fighting, you will taste for yourself, dishes that move and inspire. Dine tapas-style and don’t forget to indulge. Choose from a selection of locally-sourced ingredients for tapas like Arancini, Mac & Smoked Gouda, Roasted Cauliflower, and much more.

Located less than ten minutes from Downtown Lafayette, Best Western Plus Vermillion River Inn & Suites is the perfect home base for all your foodie adventures in Lafayette, Louisiana. From the gorgeous, modern lobby with a plant wall at the front desk, to the spacious suites with a separate bedroom where sunlight peeks through, you can easily relax after a long day of adventuring and exploring.

From Southern hospitality to Cajun cuisine, to a spirit of year-long festivities, Louisiana is a place rich with history, arts & culture, and adventure. Start your Louisiana adventure today when you book your stay with Best Western® Hotels & Resorts Louisiana.

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