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Top 3 of the Most Haunted Spots in New Orleans, Louisiana

By Mer Norwood

Is New Orleans, Louisiana the most haunted city in America? From voodoo to vampires, above ground cemeteries to spirits in séance rooms, the city welcomes both the living and the dead. As the backdrop for many spooky films, shows, and books, there’s much to see in this haunted city. In partnership with New Orleans, here’s our must-do haunted spots in New Orleans.

Photo Credit: New Orleans.

Voodoo is meant to sevi lwa or “serve the spirits”. Prayers, rituals, and dances are performed to link and restore the bridge between our world, and the spirit world. The most famous practitioner of voodoo is none other than the Queen of Voodoo herself, Marie Laveau. While Laveau practiced her art in several areas and became an advisor to prominent figures during her life in New Orleans, Louisiana, she’d infamously perform on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain while onlookers spied in the woods at the sensational ceremonies. Today, visit the Marie Laveau House of Voodoo to find voodoo dolls from around the world to serve a multitude of both positive and negative intentions, a shrine to offer prayers to, and other tokens of healing and protection from bad spirits.

Muriel’s Jackson Square firmly believes in the “Second Line”, when a spirit who may have had unfinished business in the living world continues to live among us. Muriel’s has a long-standing history with the city of New Orleans, with its grounds dating back to the city’s inception in the 1700s. Already, the grounds had a tainted history with troubled spirits, but it was not until the early 1800s when Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan built his dream home for himself and his family. He tragically committed suicide after a gambling match gone wrong, and then Muriel’s became the haunted institution it is known for today. Jourdan is said to have ended his life on the second floor, where currently, the Muriel’s Séance Lounge is located. Muriel’s says, “His ghost doesn’t appear in human form, but instead as a glimmer of sparkly light wandering around,” and many have attested to inexplicable sounds and shadows and in the lounge when they visit.

Located on the corner of Chartres St. and St. Louis St., the Napoleon House has been around since the early 1800s, with the first occupant, Nicholas Girod, offering Napoleon refuge in 1821. Although Napoleon never took Girod up on his offer, the National Historic Landmark has been a joint for artists and writers alike – Tennessee Williams used to listen to vinyl records here, for instance, and with its distinct French Quarter architecture and historic vibes, we see why. While one of its claim to fames is the origins of the Pimm’s Cup in America, where they sell more Pimm’s Cup than anywhere else except the bar in London where the Pimm’s Cup was born, it’s other claim to fame is the ghost that haunts the upstairs. During the Civil War, the upstairs was used as an infirmary, and many have claimed the see the spirit of an old soldier haunt the balcony.

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