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Tips For Traveling to See Your Favorite College Sports Team

By Stuart Hughes

Whether you’re currently still studying or you happened to graduate years ago, there’s always something magical about college sports game days. Regardless of the sport, some of the most cherished memories are made when traveling to college sports away game days.

This season, instead of watching the game on TV, create new memories by organizing a trip with your college friends and old roommates to watch the game instead. Now that the fixtures lists have been released, to help you get started, we’ve put together a shortlist of travel tips to make this season’s away game days unforgettable 

How to plan the perfect trip 

Just like with college exams, preparation before traveling to college sports away game days is essential. Not only can this ensure you arrive in time to watch the game, but it can also cut the cost of the trip dramatically.  

Flying to away game days is often the fastest way to arrive – yet road trips can be easier on the travel budget. However, this can be expensive, especially if it’s a big college game day rivalry and there will be an influx of traveling fans joining you. But, if you are going to fly, be sure to book your flights early 

Traveling by road or rail is often the most economical way to arrive, and excellent at making an experience of the whole event. There’s nothing quite like jumping in a car with your best friends for a road trip to and from the big game, but always plan your route carefully before you leave and allow plenty of time to get there. 

Organize your accommodation ahead of time 

Football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, whatever sports team you’re following, traveling cross-country or out of state to watch your college team may involve overnighting. Whether your road trip takes a couple of days when traveling to college sports away game days or you’re staying in town for a few nights, be sure to budget for somewhere to stay.  

Booking your accommodation in advance is always advisable, particularly on big game days. Another top tip is to stay near the stadium, as this can avoid lengthy commutes before and after the game. Also, when traveling with friends and fellow college sports fans, be sure to check out the savings that can be made by group booking your accommodation.  

Game Day: The moment has finally arrived 

Whether you’re facing the division leaders or playing the college’s historic rivals, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for all season. However, make sure you do your destination research, or you could miss the start of the game. That’s why another top tip when traveling to college sports away game days is to plan how to get to and from the opponent’s stadium. 

Firstly, before leaving your hotel, ensure that you have everything necessary. Sure, your team jersey, flags, and caps are all technically essential, but double-check that you’ve got your tickets and a map to know where you’re going. 

Remember, game day traffic can cause total gridlock around the stadium, and local transport links can be jam-packed. Always plan to arrive early. This can help you beat the crowd but also means you can tailgate longer with your fellow fans 

And finally, don’t forget to enjoy the game! 

Traveling to college sports away game days? Think Best Western® 

There is nothing quite like supporting your college teams, wearing your team colors, and singing your fight songs in unison. It’s all part of the magic of traveling to college sports away game days. Whether you’re a present-day student traveling together or reliving your youth reuniting with friends to catch a game, these tips will help you along the way.  

If you’re on the road or it’s a city break escape, enhance your trip by reserving your stay with Best Western® Hotels and Resorts. With more than 2,000 hotels across North America, wherever you are heading, we’ll be there to elevate the experience of watching your beloved college teams play. 

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