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Back to School | How to Plan a College Tour Road Trip 

By Sabrina Tosh

Calling all high school seniors and their families. It’s time to start the college search as summer comes to an end and the final school year approaches. Visiting colleges and universities is an integral part of the college application process, allowing students to get a feel for the campus, learn about academic programs, and explore the surrounding areas. Planning a college tour road trip can be an exciting and fun way to visit multiple schools in a short amount of time. Here are our top tips on how to plan a successful college tour road trip. 

Research and Prioritize 

Start by researching the colleges and universities that you would like to visit. Look up where the colleges are located, their academic programs, campus culture, and any other factors that are important to you, like sports teams or specialty courses. Prepare questions for every school to ask once you’re there in person. Once you have a list of potential schools, prioritize them based on your level of interest and proximity to each other to help you create an efficient and manageable road trip itinerary. 

Plan Your Route 

Now it’s time to plan your route! Consider the distance between each stop, especially if you are touring two schools in one day so you have time to see both campuses. Check out the surrounding area of the school and plan your route efficiently for the number of days you have. 

Schedule Visits 

Next, you will want to schedule your official visit with each of your desired colleges. Most colleges and universities offer exclusive campus tours and information sessions for students interested in the school. Sign up for these tours in advance, as they often fill up quickly. Call to confirm your reservation before making the journey. You may also want to consider scheduling an appointment with the academic department to learn more about specific programs or areas of study. Some colleges even offer college ambassadors or college buddies to help give you an insight look into college life; research pairing up with a current student prior to your visit so you can get a real look at what to expect.  

Plan Accommodations 

As you plan your route and schedule visits, don’t forget to also plan your accommodations. Enjoy your stay with Best Western® Hotels & Resorts, which has 4,300 properties located all over the world. Take the stress out of your college road trip and look forward to convenient and comfortable accommodations.  

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