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Best Western® Hotels & Resorts Employee Spotlights | Newton, Iowa

By Mer Norwood

The best part of what makes Best Western® Hotels & Resorts is our people. We sat down with the staff at the Best Western Holiday Manor in Newton, Iowa to learn more about the people who create memorable experiences for our guests. Below is a snapshot of our conversations with Mohammed Rashid, General Manager, Cody Bollhoefer, Assistant General Manager, and Lucy, Breakfast Manager.


How did you end up working at the Best Western Holiday Manor?


Honestly, I thought this job was in Newton, Kansas (*laughs*).  I was ready to go, still be in Kansas, where I was originally. When we were driving up here, the person I was with, he was like, ‘No, it’s three and a half hours.’ I said, ‘No, it’s only two and a half hours. Newton, Kansas.’ So, it was a big shock. But I came here, I saw the hotel, and I saw what needed to be done.



I’ve been here in Newton, Iowa for 50 some odd years – I bowled, I played bridge, I played bingo. I know a lot of people. When guests say who they’re here visiting, and they go, ‘Oh my God, you know, I know your mom’, it makes it nice. Then they come back the next day and say, ‘Oh, my mom told me to tell you ‘hi’.’ And then they remember that when they come back. That happens a lot.

What is your favorite part about working at the Best Western Holiday Manor?



We stay pretty busy here. It’s kind of off the beaten path. But I like that because it’s quiet. Once guests are here, they liked the idea. You know, we’ve got two big retirement villages down here. And so, a lot of guests stay here because they can walk and visit their parents. it’s a great place and everybody’s friendly.



Honestly, it feels like home. It’s our hotel. We want things the way we want. And we have so many regular guests that we know them on a first name basis.


Do you have any stories of any travelers or any regulars that had just like an amazing stay here experience?



We have many, many repeat guests that stop here, and they really like it. Many times, they will say, ‘Lucy, we’re back!’

A couple came in yesterday, and I sat and talked to them. They traveled from Costa Rica, and their kids live in New York and Denver. Anyway, they stopped here. They were going to stop in Davenport, (I don’t know why they didn’t), but they were so happy about this hotel. Now, when they come back from Denver, they visit us on their way back to Costa Rica. We have that happen a lot!



I don’t know how many guests that didn’t even know about this place, and now we’ve became a pitstop to them. Before, they didn’t know this hotel was here. And once they come and stay, they’re like, ‘That’s it – this is going to be our go-to hotel every time!’



We get that from travelers a lot. They’ll go on a trip and we’ll be the middle point. They’ll stop, go on their trip and then come back and stop. Or they go home. Some guests like their own room, like, they repeat the same room. A couple, Robert and his wife, come and go dancing, and they always want to stay in room 326. They call me up – I know his voice –  ‘Oh, hey, Robert. Yep, I’ve got your room and Lila and Jaeger.’ They come drive from Chicago, stay, and then they go to Des Moines to the movies. They come like once a month.

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