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Orange Beach in Alabama

By Juan Alanis
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There’s history in Orange Beach. We could tell as soon as we drove into this surprisingly unexpected corner of the Gulf Coast. Its location is right at the point where Alabama and Florida connect. If you’re not careful you could end up crossing state lines without even noticing. We did and for a moment it felt like we were driving right back into Florida after having bid farewell to the Sunshine State just a few minutes earlier.

If you have ever driven the entire length of the Sunshine State, you will appreciate why the thought of being back in Florida after having just exited the state would be more than a little nerve-wrecking. Luckily for us, we were in fact in Alabama.

Orange Beach is nestled cozily between Gulf Shores, Alabama and Perdido Key, Florida, right along the beautiful crystal-clear coastline of the Alabama Gulf. That was the first thing we noticed as we drove into the stylish seawall lined by new and old high-rise developments as far as the eye could see. Our stop was the  Best Western Premier Tides Hotel Orange Beach, which was literally on the beach itself.

The views were amazing from every direction, especially in the main lobby area where floor to glass windows enclosed the modern and airy décor. Our concierge made the comment that people often forget about Alabama beaches since its neighboring state to the south has such a strong reputation for picturesque opportunities to bathe in the sun along beautiful coastal destinations. I think that makes Orange Beach that much more special. Not everyone knows about it and you can tell.

The locals have the most charming accents, and that’s coming from a Tejano, y’all. Everyone smiled at us and said hello – at the very least nodded to us as we walked past each other. As a southerner, you get and appreciate that a whole lot. It’s the same with the food and the hospitality no matter where you go. I think that’s one of the factors my wife and I rate our travel destinations the highest for – how friendly and hospitable the people are.

On this trip, our favorite spot to dine was undoubtedly The Gulf. This unique spot was built entirely out of shipping containers – from the restaurant to the restrooms – and offered lighted evening seating in comfortable couches around bonfires, or cozy tables surrounded by palm trees and candlelight.

It was romantic.

We opted for the palm trees and a table since our mission was to get a good sense of the flavor in Orange Beach. Wow, was the seafood fresh! My wife had oysters and shrimp that tasted like they had literally just been caught and prepared on the spot when we ordered them. Grouper fish is local to the area so I couldn’t resist ordering it in a sandwich. It was the right choice. The fish was chunky and very thick. Later that night when we came across a few fishermen on the dock next to the restaurant I understood why that was. Their catches for the day must have been at least 15 to 20 inches each, and yes, they were mostly Grouper fish.

Back at our hotel the view was amazing everywhere we looked. Whether we were swimming in the beachside pool or sitting on the outdoor patio in our room, there were crystal clear waves crashing against the white-sandy coast of Best Western hotel guests laying out on beach chairs under umbrellas. We joined the rest of our hotel mates and spent a better part of the afternoon listening to the ocean on the sand. It was the perfect way to bring an end to our cross-country road trip before making the final stretch home.

As we ventured away from Orange Beach I couldn’t help but to stare back in appreciation of the peacefulness this quietly tucked away city had given us for a few days. I’ve been keeping my memories there very close to my heart, only speaking about them to a few trusted friends here and there. I don’t want the secret to get out.

If you find yourself in Orange Beach, Alabama stay at the Best Western Premier Tides Hotel Orange Beach. Not only is it state-of-the-art and gorgeous, but you will be hard-pressed to find another location with so many amenities at such a reasonable rate. Take advantage of your rewards points if you’re a Best Western Rewards member and get an even better deal on your stay. I’m telling you, the view from the outdoor patio next to the dining room area will take your breath away, while you’re enjoying a hearty and complimentary breakfast.

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