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Young at Heart | Weekend Getaways for Senior Citizens

By Stuart Hughes

Whether you’ve recently entered retirement or have been relishing the freedom of post-career life for some time, finding an excuse for a fantastic weekend away from home is always fun. However, we wanted to provide a few suggested destinations to help inspire you, so here are the top five budget-friendly weekend getaways for seniors to help maximize the best years of your life. 

After all, being a retiree is all about embracing the freedom you’ve worked hard for, and let’s not forget the perks of senior discounts on travel that await you. So, whether you’re looking for ideas for romantic getaways or planning a cultural vacation with your friends, join us as we explore these amazing tailormade weekend getaways for seniors and enjoy some time away from babysitting the grandkids. 

Emerald Isle in North Carolina, USA

Where better to start our shortlist of the best weekend getaways for seniors than the idyllic beaches of the Emerald Isle in North Carolina? The enchanting Emerald Isle makes for one of the top romantic weekend getaways for retired couples, combining a delightful blend of Southern hospitality and delicious cuisine paired with the superb wines from the region. 

However, a weekend getaway to North Carolina wouldn’t be complete without at least a few games at a championship golf course, and the Emerald Isle is no exception. Be sure to enjoy a few rounds with your friends or spouse at the Crystal Coast Country Club while you’re in town. 

After a morning round of golf, spend an afternoon exploring the region’s charming boutique shops before finishing the day with a stroll along the waterfront and a delightful seafood banquet at the local favorite, Caribsea Restaurant. 

Take advantage of the senior discount offered through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Rewards Program at the Lighthouse Suites, BWSC by Best Western on the Emerald Isle, North Carolina. 

Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada 

Venturing north of the border on our shortlist of the best weekend getaways for seniors finds us in Niagara-on-the-Lake, in Ontario, Canada. This picturesque town is ideal for those over 50 looking for a relaxing vacation away from their usual routine and a perfect opportunity to see the world-famous Niagara Falls. When visiting the falls, you can start with an enjoyable cruise on the impressive Maid of the Mist as it skirts around the base of Niagara Falls.

Afterward, spend an afternoon following the amazing Journey Behind the Falls tour with its incredible observation decks directly behind the cascading waters. However, as a fantastic weekend getaway for seniors, Niagara-on-the-Lake has much more to offer than just its proximity to the falls. First, you can spend the morning exploring the quaint shops and historic buildings downtown before renting a bike from Zoom Leisure Bikes for a self-guided local winery tour. Discover the many regional vineyards before ending the day with an outdoor patio wine-tasting event at the Strewn Winery just outside town. 

Maximize your stay and your savings with a senior discount at the Best Western St Catharines Hotel & Conference Centre in St Catharines, Ontario. 

Quebec City in Quebec, Canada 

Now, if you’re searching for inspiration for cultural and historic-themed romantic getaways, then Quebec City, in Quebec, Canada, is the perfect destination to head for. As one of our favorite weekend getaways for seniors, Quebec City offers a superb mix of rich cultural experiences and strolls amongst the UNESCO-listed Old Town

Our first suggestion is to head to Quebec City’s impressive free-to-enter botanical gardens at the University Garden Roger-Van den Hende. Here you can immerse yourself in their decorative floral displays in the center of the city before heading to the Rue du Trésor and its distinctive outdoor art gallery that adds a Parisian feel to your romantic getaway in Quebec City. 

After wandering around the various shops and galleries in the charming streets and avenues, you’ll likely have built up an appetite. So, make sure to conclude your day of sightseeing with a delectable Quebecois meal at the popular La Buche Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Old Quebec. 

Enjoy the best of Quebec City and some incredible savings through the AARP rewards program at the Best Western Premier Hotel Aristocrate in Quebec. 

Sedona in Arizona, USA 

When it comes to the ultimate relaxing retreat, Sedona, Arizona is a top destination for anyone over 50 looking for a rejuvenating sun-blessed weekend getaway. Here in Sedona, you, your partner, and your friends can all enjoy a wellness weekend surrounded by breathtaking semi-arid desert scenery. 

Ultimately, we’ve chosen Sedona, Arizona, on our shortlist of our top weekend getaways for seniors for its natural beauty and calming tranquillity. Visitors to Sedona who seek an authentic spiritual experience should join Yogi Blair at Vortex Yoga Hiking in Sedona. Here Yogi Blair will treat you to a unique experience that includes outdoor meditation and yoga sessions at the Sedona Vortexes, a prominent location believed to possess heightened spiritual energy. 

After a peaceful and refreshing morning of practicing yoga, our next destination of choice is the awe-inspiring Chapel of the Holy Cross. Nestled amidst the majestic red rock formations, the architectural marvel of the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a sanctuary of tranquillity and spiritual contemplation and an ideal end to the perfect weekend retreat. 

Find inner peace and some fantastic senior discounted accommodations when you stay at the Aiden by Best Western @ Sedona in Arizona. 

San Antonio in Texas, USA

Texas has long been a popular choice for anyone over 50 seeking an enjoyable warm weekend getaway. Renowned for its captivating history, lively culture, and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine, Texas offers an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation. Hence, San Antonio is our final recommendation in our quest to explore the best weekend getaways for seniors.

Our first pit-stop is for the history buffs among you as we explore the world-famous bastion, The Alamo. Taking advantage of their senior citizens discount, you can visit this magnificent fortress and learn about its crucial role in the Texas Revolution. Additionally, visitors can stand on the spot where the legendary ‘Battle of the Alamounfolded – a genuinely unforgettable experience for any history enthusiast. 

When you return to San Antonio, Texas be sure to enjoy a leisurely walk through Brackenridge Park and visit the impressive San Antonio Zoo. Here you can utilize your seniors discount before you head off to meet an exquisite array of animals from around the world and learn about their pioneering conservation and educational programs too. 

Get a sound night’s sleep each night and benefit from an AARP discount when you stay at the Best Western Premier Historic Travelers Hotel Alamo/Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.  

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