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Young at Heart | Money-Saving Travel Tips for Retirees

By Stuart Hughes

Have you always wanted to travel the world but felt your career and raising a family prevented you from doing so? Well, that’s the beauty of reaching the retirement age; the world is now your oyster. But wait, are you worried about retirement travel on a budget? 

Don’t let your retirement income limit your freedom. Instead, we’ve put together our top tips to help extend your travel dollar so you can soon benefit from regular vacations and weekend getaways in your retirement 

We’ll cover every angle, from low-cost travel with a senior rail card, to how to find accommodation deals with your senior discount entitlement. So, join us as we explore how you can enjoy regular retirement travel on a budget by following these simple tips. 

Explore Different Retirement Travel Destinations 

Planning a vacation is exciting, and the freedoms of retirement make it all the better. Not only can you start planning your dream holiday now, but you can also get a real kick from the savings you can make as a retiree now that you’ve reached retirement age. 

However, planning your retirement travel on a budget is vital to maximizing your travel dollars. Look out for destinations that are cheaper to visit, traditionally less touristy locations where prices tend to be lower. Also, always keep an eye out and take advantage of low-cost, off-peak travel reductions as coupled with your senior discount, you can start to find vacations at a fraction of the cost of everybody else. 

When booking budget travel flights and transportation, always be sure to compare deals, too. Here you can make massive savings, particularly if you can travel mid-week, for example. Also, look for Best Western® Hotels & Resorts accommodation deals, which include senior discounts and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) member rates and upgrades to help boost your savings. 

Dining Out? Search For Budget-Friendly Savings 

Often considered a hidden budget travel expense is the cost of eating out; it can quickly sap your travel dollar budget, but we have some great tips to solve this. Your first step is to use discount websites to pick out the best local restaurants offering online discounts and meal deals, as this is a great money-saver. 

Additionally, many restaurant chains also offer senior discounts to AARP members. This is a fantastic way to extend your travel dollars with food concessions of between 10% to 20% off. Furthermore, to maximize your retirement travel on a budget when eating out, make sure you look out for hotels and resorts where breakfast is included – remember, it’s one less meal to pay for each day. 

Search For Travel Discounts and Cheap Transport Connections 

The beauty of being retired is you don’t have to be back in the office on Monday morning, so life is less rushed nowadays. This flexibility can be a tremendous asset when planning your retirement travel on a budget, particularly when booking flights, trains, and car hire.

 First, if you’re not in a rush, consider traveling by public transport, it can make the journey more enjoyable and a great way to see more of the nation’s impressive landscape. Additionally, using a senior rail card means you can spend your travel dollars on something more exciting after traveling cheaply to your destination. 

However, if public transport can’t get you to where you need to go, there are still some brilliant savings to be had. Here using your senior discounts, you can take advantage of the cheap flights and discount rates available when paying online. 

Seek Out Wallet-Savvy Sightseeing Attractions 

Once you’ve arrived, there are plenty of opportunities to make further savings and keep those travel dollars in your pocket. For example, you can start by exploring free and low-cost attractions such as public parks and botanical gardens or spending a day at the beach, as these are ideal for retirement travel on a budget. 

Museums and churches are also often free to visit and provide a fascinating insight into your chosen destination’s culture and history. Finally, once you’ve seen these budget-friendly educational establishments and institutions, more great savings can be made using senior discounts to attractions with higher entry fees, such as local zoos, aquariums, and music festivals. 

Money-Saving Strategies for Affordable Accommodation 

Ultimately, retirement travel on a budget is about spending your travel dollars on the things you enjoy doing most. However, it’s essential not to sacrifice a good time for a poor night’s sleep! 

Our final tip in this guide is to master the art of identifying senior citizens’ discounts and accommodation deals available to you. For example, did you know you can enjoy a first-class night’s sleep at Best Western Hotels & Resorts for less? Why not take advantage of our special senior discount rates and upgrades for AARP members to further enhance your retirement vacation accommodation? 

With many of our hotels offering free breakfasts and huge off-peak savings, retirement travel on a budget with Best Western® Hotels & Resorts has never been easier. 

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