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Women-Owned Breweries in Canada

By Selena Wolcott

Women-owned breweries are carving their own unique paths in today’s male dominant beer industry. Women are infusing innovation, creativity, and a fresh perspective into every pint. These visionary women are not only crafting exceptional beers but also shattering glass ceilings and challenging stereotypes. We will celebrate the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship of women in the brewing industry as they break barriers, create unique flavors, and inspire change. 

Mill Street Brewery & Distillery, Martha Lowry, Master Distiller, Toronto, Ontario  

Photo by Mill Street Brewery

Meet Martha Lowry, a master distiller at Mill Street Brewery in Tornoto, Ontario. Martha Lowry’s journey in the distilling world stemmed from her passion for crafting spirits. She followed a path where she was determined to challenge the status quo and prove that women can thrive and excel in a world of beer. Through her experience and expertise, Lowry crafted her signature gin that has won the hearts of spirit enthusiasts from far and wide. Mill St. Brewery also has a line of organic beer ranging from lager to stout, but also includes IPA and pilsner. Lowry is also big on sustainability and stresses the importance of sourcing local ingredients whenever possible. This amazing women-owned brewery should be added to your to-do list for the next time you’re in Toronto. If you’re a local looking for a staycation or a tourist ready to lay your head for the night stay at the Best Western Plus Executive Inn just a few miles away. 


Halifax Distilling Co.Julie Shore, Founder, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Photo by Toronto Whisky Society

Julie Shore is the visionary founder and head brewer at Halifax Distilling Co. She is known for her innovative brewing techniques and pushing the boundaries of traditional beer styles. She couldn’t have opened the distiller without her partner Arla Johnson, who also has experience as a distiller but runs the company’s finances, supplies, and other business matters. Halifax Distilling Co. is known for their cream liquor. Their flavors include traditional rum cream, s’mores, after eightish (a mint chocolate), and whisky cream. They also have several other traditional rums such as spiced, amber, white, and more. This distillery doesn’t just feature rum but also IPA, stout, and lager. Beyond brewing, Julie is deeply committed to her community. She hosts brewery events, collaborates with other, local businesses, and supports many charitable causes. She encompasses a strong community spirit. This is a beloved destination for both locals and visitors. Book your stay at Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake Hotel. 


 Prairie Dog Brewing, Laura Coles, Co-founder, Calgary, Alberta 

Photo by Prarie Dog Brewing

Meet Laura Coles, the inspiring brewery owner of Prairie Dog Brewing in Calgary, Alberta. Her popular and unique destination brings in beer enthusiasts from all over. The Brewery’s name was inspired by the fascinating history of “prairie dogs”, the nickname for steam-locomotives used in Alberta’s early railway days. This nod to local history creates a charming ambiance that sets prairie Dog Brewing apart from the rest. Prairie Dog Brewing’s tag line is “beer, barbeque and friends”, they have an extensive beer list and delicious barbeque menu. Laura suggests that visitors try the Super-B Hopped Wheat beer, “it’s the first beer we brewed in our brewhouse and poured in our taproom. It holds a special place in my heart”. The brewery also has “build your” own beer flights, with the option of 4-6 drafts that you can mix and match gives customers the ultimate tasting experience. Pair a beer with their unique BBQ menu with sauces ranging from Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce to their Alabama white sauce. Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or just looking for a warm and welcoming spot to enjoy a pint, Prairie Dog Brewing offers an unforgettable experience. Rest your head for the night at Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel.


Ol’Beautiful, Zoei Thibault, Co-founder, Calagry, Alberta 

Photo by Ol’ Beautiful Brewery

Zoei Thibault is the master brewer and co-founder of Ol ‘Beautiful Brewery in Calgary, Alberta. Her expertise in brewing and dedication to her craft have received widespread recognition in the Canadian beer community. This brewery isn’t like other breweries, it has a homey feel. The brewery describes their space as ” time-worn and well-loved, our taproom is a casual, inclusive space that welcomes all”. The brewery’s core lineup features a diverse selection of beers. They feature a Okami Kasu which is a Japanese ale that is made with rice to enhance the flavor and leaves a silky feel. They also have the Brass Monkey which is a blood orange, blonde ale, and they have the Abrazo, a Mexican style lager. Their tasting room includes these beers along with other seasonal flavors and more traditional brews. Plus, their delicious menu of burritos, tacos and quesadillas.  Cheers to Zoei as an incredible woman dominating the industry while putting her own creativity and spin on it. Spend your night at Best Western Plus Calgary Center Inn 


Granite Brewery, Mary Beth Keefe, Head Brewer, Toronto, Ontario 

Photo by Granite Brewery

Mary Beth Keefe’s name is paired with brewing excellence at the renowned Granite Brewery in Toronto, ON. With years of experience, she has cemented her position as a boss woman in the Canadian craft brewing scene. Keefe’s favorite brew that she has crafted is the Galactic Pale Ale. The Darkside Black IPA is another in house brew that has grown in popularity and became one of their signature beers. Another one of Granite Brewery signature drinks is the Keefe’s Irish Stout, this Rich, chocolate, and coffee roasted beer may not be for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it. Mary Beth’s brewing skills have not gone unnoticed. She has earned numerous awards and recognition. After a long day of beer drinking you can stay at the comfortable Best Western Plus Executive Inn.  


Eau Claire Distillery, Caitlin Quinn, Master Distiller, Turner Valley, Alberta 

Photo by Eau Claire Distillery

Eau Claire Distillery is led by the master expertise of Caitlin Quinn. This distillery is renowned for its premium spirits that capture the unique essence of Alberta’s agricultural bounty. From their award-winning gin to their smooth and rich single malt whisky, the distillery’s signature spirits have received a devoted following. Visitors are not only treated to outstanding spirits but also to an immersive experience that showcases that craftsmanship and passion behind each bottle. This is one of the only distilleries that utilizes real horsepower. Eau Claire Distillery uses Percheron draft horses and antique 1920s equipment to traditionally farm their barley. As a dedicated environmentalist, Caitlin ensures that her distillery operates with sustainability in mind. From energy efficiency to waste reduction, her commitment to the environment is reflected in the distillery’s practices. Rest your head at Best Western Plus Okotoks Inn & Suites

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