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Tips for an Epic Memorial Day Weekend Getaway 

By Mer Norwood

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. You’ve filed your vacation days, and you’re ready to get away – what next? Here’s our roundup of tips for an Epic Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to ensure you have a fun-filled trip this year. 


1. Coordinate Logistics with Loved Ones 

Everyone knows that having a great crew for a getaway is key to having a good time. But sometimes coordinating schedules can pose as a logistical challenge. Once you select who will be in your party to spend your Epic Memorial Day Weekend Getaway, start organizing everyone’s schedules. People may arrive at different times to the destination and should be accounted for so activities can align.   


2. Select Your Epic Memorial Day Weekend Getaway Destination 

We’ve written a few articles to give you inspiration for an Epic Memorial Day Weekend Getaway, including Memorial Day Weekend Getaways in NJ and Memorial Day Weekend Getaways Not on the Beach, because we don’t take picking a destination lightly. To choose a destination, ask yourself what you want out of your getaway, how far you’re willing to travel, whether you want to travel by car or air, and make sure you and your group agree upon expectations. 


3. Research and Plan Local Activities 

From local fireworks to parades, there’s a lot going on during Memorial Day Weekend. If you don’t plan ahead, you might miss a fun event happening. Do light research in the area of your destination to see what’s going on, and don’t forget to ask your front desk agent at your stay at your Best Western® Hotels & Resorts 


4. Plan Around Traffic 

Last year, more than 40 million people traveled on Memorial Day Weekend, the majority by car, and around 3 million by air, according to a news report by AAA. If you must get on the road, Thursday is the ideal day for travel for departures, while Friday between 3-6pm is the busiest, and most likely to leave you at a standstill. Plan your travels accordingly, so that you can start off your trip stress-free. 


5. Bring and Drink Plenty of Water 

Spending time in the sun is a must-do for Memorial Day Weekend but do so safely. Heat stress can come on unexpectedly – be prepared by staying hydrated. Bring reusable bottles wherever you go and be sure to refill consistently. Bonus tip: bring electrolyte packets for an extra boost to your hydration. 

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