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Spice Tour of America

By Stuart Hughes

From the fiery chili peppers of Texas to the spicy Buffalo wings of New York State, American cuisine has always embraced a love of zesty hot food. Wherever you travel in the USA, you’ll find a regional take on our passion for ingredients that sizzle the taste buds. We’ve chosen to embark on a culinary tour to discover America’s best spicy food dishes. 

Gather your friends for a remarkable road trip or fly out for a foodie city break tour that is guaranteed to make your mouth water – and perhaps bring a tear to your eye. We’re about to uncover the nation’s favorite spicy foods and the ultimate restaurants to try them at. 

Hot Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, New York 

Let’s face it – the temperatures can plummet in Buffalo, New York, during the winter; however, you can thank Teressa Bellissimo for creating the perfect spice-infused bar food that’ll warm you up in seconds. The year was 1964, and the location was the Anchor Bar in the heart of Buffalo, where Teressa revolutionized how Americans ate chicken forever. How did she do this? Well, she produced her very own homemade hot sauce, which blew the locals away.  This is why it made our list of America’s best spicy food dishes. 

Now a staple American favorite, the Anchor Bar remains the birthplace and home to the nation’s much-loved Buffalo Wings. Nowadays, Anchor Bar patrons can enjoy this spicy food delight in the same booths where celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Britney Spears, and John Lennon have once sat. But don’t worry if the heat gets too hot, their celery sticks and blue cheese dressing are the perfect extinguisher to help cool your mouth down. 

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Spicy Fried Chicken in Louisville, Kentucky 

While the exact origin of our next spicy delicacy is hotly contested, we’re heading next to Louisville, Kentucky, to taste their delicious zingy fried chicken. Home to legends such as boxer Muhammad Ali and Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, Louisville is often accredited as the original location where its southern culinary heritage was first used to spice up the popular tradition of deep-frying chicken back in the 18th century. 

Of course, a certain Colonel Sanders helped establish the globally recognized fried chicken restaurant chain. Still, our journey to try America’s best spicy food dishes sees us eating at Louisville’s Royals Hot Chicken restaurant. Famed for its sizzling fried chicken delights, they also have tasty dipping sauces, milkshakes, and refreshing ice-cold beer to help chill the heat that this spicy dish can pack. 

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Cajun Crawfish Étouffée in New Orleans, Louisiana 

Our next destination on our tour of America’s best spicy food dishes is a true melting pot of cultural influences. Originally descended from the cooking styles of French-Canadian immigrants called the Acadians in the 18th century.New Orleans has become synonymous with Cajun food due to the sizable population of Cajuns living in the city . Consisting of a rich and diverse infusion of various cultures, Cajun food benefits from its Native American, Spanish, and African roots, which many recognize adds the zing to these spicy dishes. 

Arguably, the most popular Cajun spicy meal is the searing Crawfish Étouffée, a heat-packed combination of crawfish and a thick stew permeated with hot Cajun seasonings, served with steamed rice. For the best dish in town, make sure to stop in at Oceana Grill Restaurant for their succulent fiery Crawfish Étouffée. 

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Tex-Mex in San Antonio, Texas 

A list of America’s best spicy food dishes would not be complete unless it included the fusion of Mexican and Texan culinary traditions – more commonly known as Tex-Mex. While many consider San Antonio the modern-day home of Tex-Mex, its origins are linked back to Southern Texas as far back as the late 1800’s. 

Known for its generous helpings of flavorful, spicy dishes, Tex-Mex typically includes Fajita, Enchilada, and Chilli Con Carne dishes. When you next visit San Antonio, Texas be sure to try the best Tex-Mex menu in town by booking a table at La Fonda on Main, San Antonio’s oldest Mexican Restaurant. Packed with intense flavors and undeniably hot spices, La Fonda on Main also serves the best margaritas in town to help cool your tongue down. 

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Peppery Shrimp and Grits in Charleston, South Carolina 

Our final destination on our tour of America’s best spicy food dishes finds us on the East Coast and heading to Charleston, South Carolina, for some fiery Shrimp and Grits. Charleston has long been celebrated for its vibrant seafood cuisine, which fuses African, European, and Caribbean culinary traditions to create a tantalizingly hot blend of spicy seafood 

Charleston loves its punchy calamari spice dishes and fried oysters bathed in hot sauce, yet our favorite must be the peppery shrimp and grits. Visitors to Charleston, South Carolina looking to spice up their lives with a mouth-watering seafood dish should dine at Hanks Seafood Restaurant overlooking the famous Charleston City Market to try their exquisite shrimp and grits. 

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