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Shop Local in Austin, Texas

By Stuart Hughes

Let’s just say you don’t need an excuse to visit Austin, Texas. After all, it’s a fantastic city rich in history, culture, and local cuisine. Even its motto of ‘Keeping Austin Weird’ provides a brilliant insight into why a trip to Austin is like no other city break or getaway anywhere else in the world. However, we’re not here to brag about Austin’s world-famous live music scene or its reputation for culinary excellence, no, we’re here to indulge you with some retail therapy and tips on where to shop in Austin, Texas.  

So, if you’re looking for a trip away with friends, or you’d like to take a family vacation to the “City of the Violet Crown”,make sure you shop local in Austin when you’re there. To help, we’ve created a shortlist of the best shopping in Austin for an extended stay, including stylish boutiques and indulgences. We’ve designed it to offer you a subtle mix of shopping experiences while immersing you in the sights and sounds that Austin, Texas, always provides visitors to this remarkable city. 

Unique boutiques in Austin 

We couldn’t possibly begin our guide of where to shop in Austin without embracing the cowboy spirit of the Lone Star State, so we’ll start our shortlist of the top shops in Austin by heading to the South Congress neighborhood. Famous for some of the best local shopping in Austin, South Congress is a hip area of town with countless vibrant, stylish boutiques,however, our first stop is Allens Boots for their authentic cowboy and western wear. This iconic store can outfit you, your friends, and your family out in fashionable cowboy boots, hats, and attire so you’ll leave town feeling like a true local.  

Heading towards the Mueller district to go shopping in Austin, our next destination is another must-visit store in the city – Lilla & Beth. Whether you’re looking for designer women’s clothing, jewelry, or accessories, the staff at Lilla & Beth can tailor your shopping experience to suit your needs. With an impressive array of health and wellness products, including body lotions, bath salts, and scented candles, too, it stands out as a top shop in Austin to visit while you’re here. 

Keep the kids happy in Austin

If you’re vacationing with the kids, or even if you’re not, our next port of call sees us heading to the South Austin district for some of the best shopping in Austin for local gifts and local souvenirs. Meet the team at The Austin Gift Company, as here you can buy humorous Austin-inspired t-shirts, headwear, and socks. This store has everything you’ll need which saves you the hassle of searching for where to shop in Austin to buy that perfect memento of your trip. 

Our second local store in Austin, ideal for keeping the kids entertained, is Toy Joy, located in Downtown Austin. Toy Joy offers a hypnotic range of games, puzzles, and collectibles, and while you’re in-store, replenish the family’s energy levels with their delicious selection of ice cream, candy, and coffee at Toy Joy’s adjacent sister store, Yummi Joy. 

Music Stores and Craft Breweries in Austin 

It would be wrong to come to Austin, Texas, and not immerse yourself in Austin’s incredible music and craft beer scene. Embrace Austin’s reputation for its love of music, and head to meet the musical maestros at Waterloo Records, one of the best places to shop in Austin for your favorite music on vinyl, CD, or classic cassette. Situated in the heart of the Central District, the experienced staff at Waterloo Records will rekindle your love of music, which is why we highly recommend this as one of the top local stores in Austin to visit. 

After indulging in your music purchases, we’ll next treat you to another popular Austin pastime- craft beer brewing. If you’re interested in where to shop in Austin for a top-quality brew, then head to East Austin next to the brewmasters at Southern Heights Brewing Co. Here, visitors to this amazing taproom get to taste a number of Southern Heights’ full-flavored Austin-infused IPAs, Ales, and stouts. 

Family-owned restaurants in Austin

Having outlined some of the prime destinations where to shop in Austin, it’s only fitting that we also incorporate a selection of the finest local restaurants to complement your Austin-themed vacation. First up, we’ll embrace the Lone Star State’s love of southern cooking and its warm hospitality by heading to Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant in the heart of South Austin. Located next to Butler Shores at Town Lake, you can tuck into some of Chuy’s authentic Texan tacos, burritos, and fajita dishes when you dine in. 

Following in our shop local in Austin theme, don’t miss out on the chance to dine at Terry Black’s Barbecue restaurant at least once. Situated in South Austin, bordering Butler Metro Park, Terry Black’s Barbecue offers a feast of legendary Texas BBQ dishes that will have you coming back for more. From its famous sliced brisket to its delicious ribs and tasty peach cobbler – it’s a fine way to end your tour of the best places where to shop in Austin. 

Enjoy Austin all year round… and keep it weird! 

Austin, Texas, makes for an unforgettable vacation any time of year and now you know where to shop in Austin; you have no excuse not to visit. Whether the purpose of your trip is to visit the best shops in Austin or enjoy the southern hospitality and great weather, if you’re looking for inspiration for city break getaways, then look no further than Austin, Texas. 

While you’re in town, enhance your Austin, Texas, escape with a luxurious stay at the Aiden by Best Western @ Austin City Hotel in the heart of the city. 

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