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Nostalgic Bars To Visit For Your “Rom Com” Aesthetic

By Sabrina Tosh

In search of your “cool girl aesthetic outfit moment?” How about that summer outfit or “vintage 90s moment?” Get dressed up and come out to one of these bars across North America, with retro vibes that bring nostalgia back in an instant! Y2K fashion, also called, “rom com core” is in, and leading ladies everywhere are traveling to these nostalgic destinations. Grab your rhinestone dress and leading character energy, because cocktails, burgers, milkshakes, games and more come with these bars – perfect for a meet cute or a night out on the town.


Gen X Tavern – Tampa, Florida

If you’re a fan of nostalgic bars and rom coms, then Gen X Tavern in Tampa, Florida is the perfect spot for you. This bar, located in the heart of Tampa, offers a unique and fun-filled experience that is sure to transport you back in time. The bar’s retro decor is a nod to the ’80s and ’90s, with vintage arcade games, neon lights, and old-school memorabilia lining the walls. Whether you’re looking to play a game of Pac-Man with friends or just want to soak up the ambiance with a drink, Gen X Tavern has got you covered. Try their Blue Bolt or Buc’d up signature shots for a great time at this nostalgic bar in Tampa Florida.

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Be Kind & Rewind – San Antonio, Texas

Calling all my 2000s girls! Be Kind & Rewind in San Antonio, Texas is a perfect spot for those who love nostalgic bars and romantic comedies. This bar offers an immersive retro experience with its decor, painted walls with murals of nostalgic artists such as Kiss, and an atmosphere emphasizing the neon vibe for you and your friends. The bar keeps the menu old-school with craft beers, cocktails, and burgers all with super cool names that’ll take you back to the good ole’ days. Try one of their shareable signature drinks like their “Let’s Dance, “Spring Break ‘89,” or their “Stubborn Mule” – serving up to 12 of you and your friends! The bar has a unique concept where customers can rent out VHS tapes from a collection of over 8,000 movies to watch on the bar’s VCRs. This concept is perfect for those looking to relive their favorite romantic comedies from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

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Bon Délire – Montreal, Quebec

Nothing screams ‘90s aesthetics like a leopard-print pool table. In Montreal, Quebec, Bon Délire is making nostalgic waves with its dimly lit, dive bar meets sophisticated-cocktail-menu vibes. From the award-winning team behind Atwater Cocktail Club, you already know the cocktail menu won’t disappoint. With 23 cocktails with names like “Just a Vodka Soda” and “Yakety Yak”, plus slushies and Boiler Makers, this hip, hole-in-the-wall bar will be sure to give you both flashbacks and new memories.

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Nostalgia – Bethpage, New York

Nostalgia in Bethpage, New York is another must-visit nostalgic spot. This bar offers a unique and immersive experience with its evocative vibes, including: vintage arcade games, neon lights, and old-school treasures that will transport you back in time. Trademarked with old-school cartoons, the bar hosts regular events like ’80s and ’90s trivia nights and karaoke parties that will make you feel like you’re living in a romantic comedy. Have a “sip of nostalgia” with their signature drink and take home a keepsake cup to commemorate the experience! And if you’re feeling nostalgic for the music of your youth, be sure to check out the bar’s rotating selection of vinyl records.

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Flashbackz – Whittier, California

Come casual or dress to impress – put on that pink mini-skirt outfit with your friends for this nostalgic bar in Whittier, California. Flashbackz Lounge & Grill hosts many trivia night, karaoke parties, and nostalgia nights featuring themes like Top Gun, Greece Lightning and more. With a DJ, dance floor, and disco balls strewn across the ceiling, enjoy dancing and sipping on their signature drinks named after unforgettable movies: “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” or “Pretty in Pink Martini”.

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Glitch – Vancouver, British Columbia

If you’ve ever had to experience a “Please Stand By” TV message in a past decade, you’ll appreciate the concept of Glitch, a new retro arcade bar in Vancouver, British Columbia. With the words “Please Stand By” painted on the wall, right by the bar, and the opportunity to play Nintendo 64 under the same roof as Skee-Ball and the pinball machines, you’ll have a great time here with your friends. Order a signature drink, like “Pretty in Pink” or the “Super Smash Berry Mojito”, to start the night on a nostalgic note.

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1UP – Orlando, Florida

Neon lights, arcade games, vibrant cocktails, selfie stations, and bumping music- 1UP in Orlando, Florida sets the scene for a fun night out. Serving pizza, bright and neon drinks that light up the room, and Pokémon inspired beers, this bar has nailed the feeling of nostalgia for all who come to have a good time. With bright signs all over the walls, partner and play your friends in air hockey, Pac-Man, and all your old school gaming consoles while having a 1UP specialty drink for a unique experience in Orlando, Florida.

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