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Fall Into Soup | Exploring Soups Across the US

By Selena Wolcott

Fall is a season that captivates the senses with its undeniable coziness and charm.  As the days grow shorter, the leaves change and the air turns crisper, anticipation fills the atmosphere. And what better way to embrace the season’s spirit than by indulging in a warm bowl of comforting soup? Join us as we journey through some ideal states for a fall getaway and discover their most popular soups that perfectly complement the changing colors and cozy vibes. 

San Francisco, California 

Photo by chez Mamans.

As fall settles over San Francisco, the city embraces the enchanting hues and cozy vibes. The city’s iconic fog, often referred to as Karl the Fog, weaves its way around the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, creating an ethereal, almost dreamlike atmosphere. This is a time when locals and visitors alike find a sense of comfort in the brisk air, and there’s no better way to embrace this seasonal shift other than a steaming bowl of soup. Chez Maman is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood and is known for their French Onion soup. This establishment has earned a well-deserved reputation for its exceptional French Onion soup, a dish that embodies the very essence of comfort and indulgence. Classic French Onion Soup is undeniable with its rich, caramelized onion base simmered to perfection and the savory flavors. Melted golden cheese blankets the surface, creating a delicious contrast to the savory broth beneath. Each spoonful of this decadent creation is a journey through layers of flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned local or tourist, there’s no better way to embrace the seasonal shift in this enchanting city than by letting the flavors of Chez Maman’s French Onion Soup transport you to a world of comfort and delight.

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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 

Photo by The Old Mill.

Nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee transforms into a captivating haven of fall beauty. This charming town comes alive with vibrant colors and a cozy atmosphere that ensures visitors to experience the magic of the season. Pigeon Forge’s rustic charm blends perfectly with the ambiance of the Old Mill Restaurant. Here, history comes alive, with the iconic waterwheel and historic surroundings provides a captivating glimpse into the region’s bygone era. It’s an experience that can transport visitors back in time while offering a true taste of Tennessee’s legacy. Among the autumn wonderland, a specific culinary delight stands out as a true embodiment of Southern comfort – Corn Chowder. Crafted with sweet corn, tender potatoes, and often bacon or ham, this soup captures the feelings of fall. Each spoonful of corn chowder is prepared to warm both the body and the soul. Yet, it’s the Corn Chowder at the Old Mill Restaurant that steals the spotlight, especially during the fall months. The warm, creamy texture of the chowder goes hand in hand with the brisk autumn air, creating a perfect union of flavors and atmosphere. whether you’re a first-time traveler to Pigeon Forge or a returning visitor, the town’s fall beauty, the Old Mill Restaurant’s historical charm, and the Corn Chowder’s irresistible allure are all essential ingredients in the recipe for an unforgettable autumn experience in the heart of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains. 

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Photo by the Milwaukee Brat House.

Wisconsin, also known as “America’s Dairyland,” welcomes the arrival of fall. This state undergoes a transformation that could easily be postcard-worthy. The lush green canopy of trees transforms into a breathtaking palette of reds, oranges, and golds. In Wisconsin, two iconic staples reign supreme: beer and cheese. These two state icons have been woven into the state’s identity and represent Wisconsin’s soul. One establishment that ingeniously combines these beloved flavors into a soul-soothing masterpiece is the Milwaukee Brat House. This culinary gem takes center stage as a delightful fusion of creamy cheese, flavorful beer, and a medley of seasonings that come together in a symphony of comfort. The richness of the cheese is beautifully complemented by the notes of beer. As you savor this signature dish, you’ll find yourself not just indulging but reflecting on the deep-rooted traditions and culinary heritage of the region. The soup is a taste of tradition that resonates with the heart and soul of Wisconsin. This state takes pride in its dairy farming legacy and the craftsmanship that goes into producing some of the finest cheeses and brews in the nation. Whether you’re a Wisconsinite through and through or a curious traveler seeking to explore the heartland of dairy, the Beer Cheese Soup at the Milwaukee Brat House offers a delicious taste of Wisconsin’s fall season. 

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Boston, Massachusetts

Photo by Boston Sail Loft.

Boston, Massachusetts is a gateway to New England’s coastal beauty, and as the fall season unfolds, this charming city transforms. The stunning landscapes that surround Boston come alive in the season of fall. As you explore this coastal wonderland, you’ll definitely work up an appetite, and what better way to satisfy your cravings other than a classic New England delight– Clam Chowder? This beloved soup is creamy, hearty, and brimming with succulent clams, and is the epitome of comfort and warmth on a crisp fall day. In the heart of Boston’s culinary scene, the Boston Sail Loft has earned its well-deserved reputation for serving up a world-renowned Clam Chowder. With each mouthwatering bite, you’ll experience the combination of New England culinary tradition, where the freshest ingredients come together to create a Boston classic. The Boston Sail Loft is not just a restaurant; it’s a culinary institution that pays its dues to Boston’s coastal history that has sustained generations. Boston’s fall season is an experience like no other. This combination of coastal beauty, charming towns, and comforting Clam Chowder ensures that your autumn in Boston is a memory to cherish. 

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Denver, Colorado  

Photo by La Loma.

In Colorado, fall transforms the Rocky Mountains into a palette of amber. Whether you’re hiking along rugged trails, biking through picturesque landscapes, or simply exploring the natural beauty that surrounds you, the transition of the seasons brings with it a delightful change in the air.  Amidst this captivating scenery, the perfect complement to the season is green chili stew. This spicy and soul-warming concoction is a true testament to the fusion of flavors found in Colorado cuisine. It combines the smoky essence of roasted green chilies, the tenderness of perfectly cooked meats, along with the heartiness of beans, creating a dish that’s both satisfying and filling. La Loma Restaurant in Denver, Colorado, stands as a popular dining destination that consistently lives up to its reputation. Renowned for its delicious Mexican cuisine, this eatery has a special niche for itself with its famous green chili. When fall arrives, the allure of La Loma’s green chili becomes even stronger, as this dish perfectly captures the warmth and flavors of the season. You’ll find yourself not just indulging in a meal but immersing yourself in a culinary experience that encapsulates the spirit of the season in the Rockies. 

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