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Fall Cocktails inspired by Pacific Northwest Destinations

By Selena Wolcott

Seattle, Washington  

Seattle is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culinary scene, and of course, coffee and cocktails. While the city is enchanting year-round, autumn adds a special allure to Seattle’s charm. The fall leaves transform the city’s greenery and the air becomes fresh and crisp. Two standout features during this season are the vibrant coffee and cocktail happy hour scene. Seattle has so much to offer ranging from the iconic space needle to home to some of the world’s most prominent technology companies, including Microsoft and Amazon. The city also has a prominent music scene due to Nirvana and Pearl Jam originating in Seattle. Seattle is well known as being home to the world-famous Starbucks coffee chain, which started as a single coffee shop in the city. Starbucks played a pivotal role in popularizing coffee culture globally. The city is also home to several distilleries and breweries, contributing to the diverse spirits for cocktails all over. Seattle has been referred to as one of the most popular cities for happy hour. The drinking scene is well-known, and some of the city’s favorite bars have created Seattle’s most iconic drinks.  An Espresso Martini perfectly represents Seattle’s dual identity as a coffee and cocktail hub. It combines the rich, bold flavors of espresso with the sophistication of a classic cocktail. The best place to get an Emerald City espresso martini is the Starbucks Reserve. This famous coffee shop, restaurant, and bar will have everything you need to experience Seattle.  

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Portland, Oregon 

Portland, Oregon, is renowned for its unique and quirky character, sustainability, and horticultural treasures making it a fantastic destination to experience the charm of fall. Due to Portland being the #1 most bikeable city in America, it’s easy to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. Portland’s drinking culture encompasses a wide variety of bars, wineries, cider houses, and cocktail lounges. When it comes to Portland you’ll either hear the slogans of “Keep Portland Weird” or “The City of Roses”, and while these may seem like opposing slogans,  they actually tie hand-in-hand. Portland has a long history of embracing individuality, creativity, and alternative lifestyles. The slogan “Keep Portland Weird” encourages residents and visitors to celebrate the city’s unconventional qualities. The city is also often celebrated as the “City of Roses” due to its lush gardens and its status as home to the oldest public rose garden in the United States, the International Rose Test Garden. The city encourages eco-friendly practices, has an extensive public transportation system, and highlights their numerous green spaces. A rose quartz cocktail embodies all of the distinctive characteristics of Portland. This cocktail has an emphasis on the “City of Roses” slogan as well as sustainability and locally sourced ingredients along with the uniqueness of Portland. Bar West is a great place to order a rose-themed cocktail and enjoy the Portland ambiance.  

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Wenatchee, Washington


Wenatchee is located in the heart of Washington State and is indeed a perfect destination to experience the beauty of fall. The Wenatchee Valley is often referred to as the “Apple Capital of the World” and nothing says ‘fall’ more than apple orchards. This town is an ideal place to pick some apples and enjoy the crisp fall air. The Wenatchee area boasts numerous apple orchards that produce a wide variety of apples, including those well-suited for cider-making. Beyond apples, Wenatchee has a history rooted in agriculture, including cherry orchards and other fruit crops. Wenatchee is also situated along the Columbia River which is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is this city full of crops but Wenatchee hosts many events and festivals. There is an 11-day apple blossom festival held every year. This event includes entertainment, food vendors, arts & crafts, a carnival, golf tournament, parades and so much more.  Since Wenatchee is famously known for their apples, it’s only fitting to represent the city with a Spiced Apple Spritz Cocktail. Perico’s Lounge is a cute and trendy bar located in Wenatchee, they have a wide array of different cocktails and its great place to try and apple themed drink!  

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Newport, Oregon 

Newport, Oregon, is a captivating coastal town that offers a unique blend of beachfront beauty and rich historical charm. This quaint town is an ideal destination for experiencing the magic of fall by the sea. There is nothing better than being bundled up by a beach bonfire on a cool fall evening. Newport is known for its rich marine life and is often called the “Dungeness Crab Capital of the World.” The rocky shores along Newport’s coastline are home to fascinating tide pools. During low tide, you can discover a variety of marine life, including sea anemones, starfish, crabs, and colorful sea urchins. Newport Beach is also an excellent spot for whale watching. The Yaquina Bay Bridge also stands as a cultural significance to Newport, Oregon. The bridge was built back in the 1930s during the Great Depression. The iconic bridge has many uses, but most importantly it connects the city of Newport to the south side of the bay and the Historic Bayfront district. Yaquina Bay Bridge also provides scenic views, historical significance, and plenty of fishing and crabbing locations. To capture the essence of Newport Beach’s coastal beauty and historical context in a cocktail we chose a Bay Breeze. The best place to enjoy a refreshing Bay Breeze with a water view is Clearwater Resteruant 

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Spokane, Washington 

Spokane, Washington, is a hidden gem when it comes to experiencing the beauty of fall, and it often goes overlooked in favor of more well-known destinations. However, this underrated city offers a stunning display of fall foliage and a wide range of activities that make it an ideal place to embrace the season. Spokane has a rich history, with its roots as a railway hub and a significant role in the development of the Pacific Northwest. The city is most well-known for the Spokane River and stunning waterfalls at Riverfront Park. Spokane isn’t like most of the other cities in the Pacific Northwest, being situated east of the cascades, the fall climate is much warmer. Fall is a great time to visit this tucked-away city. The surrounding countryside boasts an upcoming wine scene, with numerous wineries and vineyards tucked away in the rolling hills. Spokane wineries offer a more intimate and personalized wine-tasting experience compared to some of the larger, more touristy wine regions. One of the delightful aspects of Spokane’s wine scene is the concentration of wineries near one another, making it an ideal destination for a wine-tasting adventure. In downtown Spokane, there are several wineries and tasting rooms that are within walking distance. A perfect cocktail to bundle up all of Spokane offerings is a Sangria. El Que features a sangria that is loved by locals, we recommend going there to try one! 

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