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Digital Detox Retreat Destinations

By Mer Norwood

Are you in need of a technology timeout? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hyperconnectivity of the modern world – then stop what you’re doing and check out these fantastic digital detox retreat destinations at your doorstep. 


Whether it’s a spectacular sunrise hot air balloon ride over Arizona or soaking in the natural thermal hot springs in Banff, Canada, whether you plan to enjoy a family vacation or a getaway with your best friends, get ready to turn off your phone and shut down your computer as you recharge your own batteries. 



Sedona, Arizona 

We start our list of the best digital detox retreat destinations in North America by traveling to Sedona, Arizona. Not only is Sedona famous for its stunning natural beauty, but its proximity to the Sedona vortexes also allows you to swap your WiFi connection for its healing spiritual energy instead. 


As the perfect remedy for a rejuvenating vacation away, you can kick start your morning by joining the Red Rock Balloon Adventures crew for a breathtaking sunrise hot air balloon ride over Sedona’s Red Rock Country. Enjoy every day basking in Sedona’s relaxed setting away from it all before heading out for a hike and a yoga session at the Sedona Vortexes with Yogi Blair at Vortex Yoga Hiking In Sedona. 


You can heighten your entire digital detox vacation to Sedona, Arizona, when you book your stay at the Aiden by Best Western Sedona. 



Big Sur, California 

Making our way to the Pacific Ocean coastline of California, our next option on our itinerary of digital detox retreat destinations in America sees us journey to Big Sur. If you need to disconnect for a while, the jaw-dropping beaches and lush forests dotted along this fantastic California coastline will be the perfect tonic. 


Start each morning of your tech timeout by exploring the Pacific Coast Highway. Enjoy the fresh sea air as you cruise along the majestic shores and cliffs of the Californian coastline, pausing to stop along the way to admire the striking ocean views. Complete the perfect day away from technology by heading to the pristine beaches of Big Sur every evening for a stroll while you catch an enchanting Pacific Ocean sunset in the distance. 


For the ultimate retreat for your Californian digital detox, get a cozy night’s sleep every night by staying at the Best Western Carmel’s Town House Lodge in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California. 



Banff, Alberta, Canada  

We move north of the border for the first time on our list of the best destinations to take a sabbatical from the digital scene back home. Venturing to the heart of the Canadian Rockies on the border with British Columbia. Our next destination is the outdoor paradise known as Banff, Alberta, where you can completely switch off.  


Offering the most remote escapes on our shortlist of digital detox retreat destinations in North America. We first recommend voyaging to Lake Minnewanka for a serene boat cruise with the team at Banff Jasper Collection. Here, the crew will glide you around this tranquil lake, flanked with shore-to-shore panoramic mountain views – a sure way to forget about your digital life back home. And, after a day on the lake, be sure to head down for the ultimate relaxation activity: bathing in the warm, mineral-rich Banff Upper Hot Springs to refresh and recharge in the fresh mountain air. 


Take your digital detox retreat to the next level when you book your stay at the Prestige Radium Hot Springs Resort in nearby Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia 




Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  

Our next location takes us to Thunder Bay, Ontario, which ranks as one of the best digital detox retreat destinations in Canada to enjoy the great outdoors. For birders or nature photographers amongst you, you can detach yourself from the outside world by heading to the McKellar Island Bird Observatory. With over 70 different resident and migrating bird species, you can explore the many trails of this superb wildlife conservation area and speak to the ornithologists, who study the bird’s habits. 


Next on our to-do list, we suggest renting a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard from the team at Wilderness Supply to explore the local rivers and waterways around Thunder Bay that feed into Lake Superior. Here, you can immerse yourself in your surroundings with paddleboard yoga or head out for a freshwater fishing adventure on the lake itself. 


Maximize your stay in the beautiful Canadian wilderness in Thunder Bay, Ontario, before getting a great night’s sleep every night at the Superior Shores Hotel, BW Signature Collection. 



Knoxville, Tennessee  

With its magnificent riverside setting, city parks, and vibrant music scene, where better to switch your phone off and shut down your laptop than on a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee? Embracing Knoxville’s green credentials, we venture first to the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. Featuring over 44 acres of walking trails, gardens, and unique horticulture, Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, is an ideal technology-free attraction, immersing you in the beauty of nature instead. 


Another reason Knoxville, Tennessee, has made it onto our shortlist of the best digital detox retreat destinations in the US is the number of live performance locations in town. Our favorite must be the Bijou Theatre, one of Knoxville’s oldest-running music venues. Here, visitors can enjoy a range of musical performances and genres, as well as eat at its acclaimed on-site Bistro Restaurant. Book your stay at Best Western Knoxville Cedar Bluff

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