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Brunch in the Historic Savannah District

By Stuart Hughes

Forget breakfast and lunch, brunch is the most important meal of the day – and you won’t find the residents who brunch in the Savannah Historic District disagreeing with you. In fact, with its delightful southern twist on the classic brunch cuisine, this district offers an abundance of fantastic Savannah cafes and restaurants, leaving diners spoiled for choice. 

Maybe it’s because, around almost every corner, you’ll find a quaint brunch café serving food from its delicious menu as diners sit within the picturesque setting of the district’s stunning courtyards, patios, and gardens. Or perhaps it’s because brunch in Savannah, Georgia, thrives here due to its deep culinary roots seamlessly intertwined with the region’s legendary warm southern charm? 

Whatever it is, Savannah’s plentiful brunch restaurants and cafes provide hungry visitors with a unique atmosphere and food served from a mouth-watering brunch menu in a spectrum of beautiful settings. Here are the top tips about how to get the most out of brunch in the Savannah Historic District. 

Start As You Mean to Go On 

To maximize the enjoyment of brunch in the Savannah Historic District, you must build up an appetite beforehand. Seize this opportunity to wander around this stunning historic sector of Savannah, starting at Forsyth Park. As you stroll along district streets and squares towards the river, you can admire the impressive Colonial, Georgian, and Gothic Revival-style architecture as you pass. This is the perfect opportunity to also start reviewing some of the brunch menus available along the way.

 Additionally, brace yourself for an immersive shared experience when indulging in a southern brunch; it has the potential to transform into a social gathering. That’s because often when you sit down to enjoy your brunch food, you’ll suddenly find yourself absorbed in a conversation with the Savannah residents at a neighboring table. After all, brunching in Savannah, Georgia, isn’t just reserved for tourists – the locals love it too.

Top Tips When Enjoying Brunch in Savannah 

As an added benefit, we wanted to highlight some pro-brunching tips to help you get more from your dining experience when you brunch in the Savannah Historic District. 

Tip 1: 

It’s always best to make a reservation when you find a brunch restaurant you want to try. No one enjoys waiting to be seated or risking not getting a seat. Ring ahead, particularly during the weekend and peak tourist season in the Savannah Historic District. 

Tip 2:  

You’ve just got to try the charming southern specialties when you’re in town. Southern cuisine is exquisite, so be sure to try some fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, or some Savannah-style crab cake Benedict when it’s on the brunch menu 

Tip 3:  

Never rush, brunch is a meal designed to be savored, so enjoy it at a relaxed pace. In Savannah, you can enjoy conversing with your friends and family, surrounded by the delightful views, as you indulge in your chosen southern brunch delicacies. 

Brunch Restaurants You Need to Try 

If you’re staying for a few days, it’s essential to do your research for the best brunches in town. However, with such an abundance of exceptional brunch restaurants and cafes to choose from, to help you out, we picked our three favorites below. 

Collins Quarter 

With two stunning brunch café restaurants on Bull Street in downtown Savannah and in the center of the iconic Forsyth Park, Collins Quarter will dazzle you with its vibrant menu full of southern-inspired brunch variations. With inside and outside brunch dining, spectacular views, friendly staff, and delicious food, you definitely won’t leave Savannah disappointed if you stop in for brunch at Collins Quarter. 

Fox & Fig 

You should definitely consider visiting the Fox & Fig Cafe, Savannah Historic District’s premier vegan brunch café, which offers plant-based brunch food menu items. Located on Habersham Street in the heart of the picturesque historic district, the Fox & Fig Cafe is also known for its delicious pastries, cinnamon rolls, and vegan brownies.

Matthew’s Eatery

Located on East Bay Street on the banks of the Savannah River in the Historic Savannah District, B. Matthews Eatery is a fabulous bistro brunch restaurant with a range of mouth-watering menu items. For us, B. Matthews Eatery has perfected its southern style cooking; whether it’s the Challah French Toast with their homemade turkey apple sausage or the specialty that is their Bay Street Scramble, it’s not to be missed. 

Beyond Brunch: Fun Things to Do in The Savannah Historic District  

After polishing off a delicious brunch in the Savannah Historic District now you can set your sights on enjoying the rest of your day fully fed. For families visiting Savannah, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll around town, or why not take advantage of the town’s brilliant Hop On – Hop Off Trolley service by joining up with the team at Old Savannah Trolley Tours. 

However, if you’re in Savannah with your partner or some friends, make some time to explore the generous selection of exclusive shops and boutiques and browse the vendor booths at the River Street Market Place for some Savannah-themed retail therapy. Then after an action-packed day in the Historic Savannah District, be sure to enjoy a nightcap at the impressive Artillery Bar before you retire for the evening. 

Enrich your Savannah brunch-infused getaway by enjoying a great night’s sleep every night at the Best Western Savannah Historic District in Savannah, Georgia. 

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